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Director's Statement

Chair of Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center

Dr Farshad Farzadfar

A speech by the center’s chairman

As one of the research centers of Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, The Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center aims at serving policy makers and experts in the health system through providing solutions, evidence and by applying innovative methods. Therefore, regarding this responsibility, the center considers its responsibility to provide the necessary mechanisms and prerequisites for operating in the various fields of health assessment, to evaluate the performance of health systems and to maximize the effect of health interferences at the national and international level. Despite the remarkable growth in medical and health research conducted in Iran and an increase in the number of researchers, and concerning the rapid and constant development of population constitution and disease distribution compared to other health systems and international research institutes in the world, there is still a wide gap between the current performance of our health system and what it is envisaged to be, which brings forth new challenges for the system. In this regard, by focusing on the following approaches, research can provide policy makers in the health system with effective scientific solutions:

1. What can be done to maintain the population’s health

2. What threatens the population’s health and exposes them to danger

3. What are the deficiencies of the previously designed schemes

4. What are the new interferences guaranteeing

the health of the world’s population using the current data All the above-mentioned approaches are encompassed in the objective list of Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, that is, in order to address the current questions and fulfil the hypothesized approaches, we provide sufficient evidence for higher policy makers in order for them to create new interferences and we then evaluate the effectiveness of the studies. Meanwhile, what identifies the Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center is preserving, providing and improving the physical, mental and social health of the people. Analyzing data resulted from the risk factors related to non-communicable diseases provides the opportunity to make a comparison with other countries concerning the burden of disease, which in turn makes it possible to find out what threats and opportunities there are in the country and what solutions we can apply in the future.

As a scientific pioneer and authority and an innovative center relying on professionalism, this center is determined to do preeminent and internationally first-rate research projects with its dynamic and effective human resource management, applying up-to-date management mechanisms (project management, knowledge management etc.) and a smart investment on novel technologies (data analysis, bio bank, lab technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and electro-technology ). We intend to emerge as a knowledge-based, value-creating and transnational center in the health sector, a center sans frontiere which is a preeminent leader and creator of sustainable and professional research environment.

We intend to achieve the first rank among the research institutes in the country and become the pivot of research in the region and even in the world; we then can be a first choice for cooperation at the international level. Relying on its valuable human resource and the professional environment in which there is meaningful team work, we believe we have an influence on the elevation of public health. Furthermore, concerning the advances we have had in international cooperation, which is one of our practical principles, we can achieve a stable position among all other credible international centers in the health sector. .


Dr Farshad Farzadfar

Chair of Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center