Laboratory Unit

In this center, several laboratories are designed for the temporary storage, macromolecules analysis, aliquot generation, and biochemical analysis. Currently these laboratories are equipped with advanced equipment, including freezers, biological and chemical hoods, centrifuges, auto analyzer, ice generator, clean room, autoclaves, ovens, incubators, refrigerators, etc. Based on the results of needs assessments for the projects of the center, in the near future macromolecules analysis laboratory will be equipped with the most advanced analytical tools including NMR device, liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography connected to mass spectrometry.

Biobank Unit

The Biobank launched in our center meets the international standards and can be used to store more than one million cryotubes. The Biobank was established for long-term storage (at least twenty years) of biological samples such as whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, urine, and nails.Freezers, stabilized in the Biobank, are equipped with a cooling system which keeps the temperature up to minus eighty-six Celsius degrees and they have also an alarming system for temperature changes. The Biobank uses cryotubes with two-dimensional barcode to store biological samples. The Biobank uses Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software to manage, track, and organize samples and patients’ data.

BSc., MSc.

Head of the Laboratory and Biobank

BSc., MSc.

Head of the Laboratory


Laboratory Assistant

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Laboratory Assistant

BSc., MSc.

Laboratory Assistant

BSc., MSc.

Laboratory Assistant

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