Project Management Unit

Project Management Unit

The mission of Project Management Unit in health-based organizations is to establish a system responsible for promoting the efficiency and efficacy of all activities associated to project management. To achieve above mentioned aims, we apply globally known standards such as PMBOK. Project management unit is responsible for planning, managing and monitoring the projects of the NCDRC and also organizing collaboration with the head of NCDRC and project managers. Improve the quality and accountability, accretion of services, processes, collaboration and establishment of risk management projects is of fundamental objectives of this unit. Prioritize and monitoring and tracking programs in executive projects, considering perspective of NCDRC, is in the agenda of this unit in order to obtain the most favorable benefit. Indubitable, proper realization of the above leads to a more nimble and dynamic center in implementing duties of each projects as soon as possible.





Project Management engineering graduate, head of Project Management Office, Chair’s personal assisstant

Master graduate of Industrial engineering

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  • Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

    No. 10, Al-e-Ahmad and Chamran Highway intersection, Tehran

    Postcode: 1411713136

  • +9821-88631293
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