The First Workshop on the Management of Prevention and Control of NCDs in the Islamic Republic of Iran (29-31 July & 13-15 August 2019)

09 December 2019

After holding the “Short Course on Prevention and Control of NCDs in the Islamic Republic of Iran” in collaboration with Oxford University, the Focal Point team for NCDs course was formed.

After a number of meetings, and by using the experiences acquired of the mentioned short course and analyzing its participant’s oral recommendations and their views the focal point team tried to nationalize the course and designed a set of workshops for the management of prevention and control of NCDs in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The target groups in this workshop were:


  • The deputy chancellor for public health
  • The deputy chancellor for treatment
  • The head of non-communicable diseases group
  • An expert of non-communicable diseases group
  • The head of Provincial Council of Health and Food Security
  • Introduced experts by the Ministry of Health


The target medical universities of the first workshop on NCDs were: Tehran, Iran, Shahid Beheshti, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Tabriz and Mazandaran.

This workshop was held as a 3-day workshop, one-week interval and then, another 3-day workshop.

The main goal of this workshop was capacity building in health system.

In this regard, participants were trained about the management of NCDs prevention and control in order to learn how to design and implement their university/ province Action Plan based on National Action Plan for NCDs control.

Contact Info

  • Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

    No. 10, Al-e-Ahmad and Chamran Highway intersection, Tehran

    Postcode: 1411713136

  • +9821-88631293
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