Information Technology Unit

Information technology (IT) unit helps to improve public health along with IT leaders. This unit have been established in order to meet the needs of the center in the fields of IT to improve the processes by providing appropriate infrastructure of software and hardware. This unit consists of two sub-units including software development and network infrastructure.

Design and establishment of software under the operating system Android, managing biobank software and Business intelligence dashboards at national level for projects such as Behvarz Health Study, National Survey of risk factors of non-communicable diseases in 2016 (STEPs) and Saqqez Health study are instances of designing software by this unit.

In network infrastructure sub-unit, facilitating the internal processes by using the latest organizational interactive tools ( such as organizational chat service, organizational e-mail service, ticketing system, etc.), optimal management of hardware resources, management and equipment of data center are examples of activities of this sub-unit.

Data center of NCDRC is equipped by ‘HP ProLiant DL 380’ servers and HP ProLiant580 with 500 petaflops of processing power, 1.5 terabytes RAM and more than 30 GB of processing storage which thoroughly established the virtual platform by using the latest technologies.




Hossein Zokaiee


Information Technology Unit Manager

Ashkan Mehregan

BSc., MSc.

Information Technology Expert

Bahman Damerchiloo

Master graduate of IT/ Atificial Intelligence, Senior Researcher in  Information Technology  Unit

Yousef Aghajanloo

BSc., MSc

Network Administrator

Pouyan Khodabakhsh


Software Developer

Fereshteh Sardari

IT experts

Software tester

Shahab Sarkheil

Master graduate of MBA

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