Quantitaive Analysis Unit

Analytical Quantitative Unit

In this unit various sources of big data are gathered for mining the health indices. These indices offer a wide insight of current situation of national health system in the first step, which can be used for appropriate interventions planning.  These Various sources of big data are such as: Census, House Hold Expenditure, outpatient data, death registry, cancer registry, DHS, Step, and NHS. For several areas in the country, Data specific to those areas such as cohort studies are being used. By collecting these data, the most comprehensive databases will be available for the NCDRC.  

In order to prepare the results needed, our statisticians made enormous effort and developed advance models namely: Gaussian process Regression (GPR), Bayesian Multilevel, Spatiotemporal, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Bayesian Modelling Average (BMA). Several bias in raw data, which make them useless, force the expertise of NCDRC to consider the complex and accurate processing of cleaning data in their agenda.

By accomplishment of many projects regarding current situation of health in the country, the approach of this unit tends to provide solution to overcome health system issues and to improve health. This is realized by designing new studies such as cross-sectional survey, cohort survey and interventional studies like clinical trial studies.






Master graduate of  Biostatistics, Consultant in the field of statistical analysis

Master graduate of Biostatistics

Master graduate of Biostatistics

Master graduate of Biostatistics

BEng. MSc. PhD.

Quantitative Analysis Unit Manager

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