Investigation of Metformin effectiveness among Pre-diabetics on CVDs event reduction: A multi centric Clinical Trial


This study is a multi-center, prospective, randomized, double-blind, parallel design trial comparing the effect of Metformin versus placebo on a macro vascular composite outcome and diabetes incidence in people in primary care with non-diabetic hyperglycemia (NDH) (100≤FPG<126) and at high cardiovascular risk (at least 10-year CVD risk ≥12% according to Framingham risk scoring/ QRISK2). Participants will be allocated randomly to be treated with either Metformin versus placebo plus life style modification if high risk for cardiovascular diseases, and will be followed for about 7 years. The purpose of clinical trial is to establish the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Metformin in preventing cardiovascular events over seven years in people with non-diabetic hyperglycemia at high cardiovascular risk



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