08 December 2019
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An Approach Towards Reducing Road Traffic Injuries and Improving Public Health Through Big Data Telematics



This project utilizes a bespoke Telematics device fixed inside a vehicles fuse box or under the vehicle’s steering wheel. The device is GPS enabled, has a 3-axis accelerometer, and can interface with a vehicle’s “Onboard Diagnostics” (OBD) port where available. The device is made by NCDRC team and can be adjusted according to other projects' specifications.




Deaths due to road traffic accidents (RTAs) are a major public health concern around the world. Developing countries are over-represented in these statistics. Punitive measures are traditionally employed to lower RTA related user behavior risk factors. These are, however, resource intensive and require infrastructure development. This randomized controlled study seeks to investigate the effect of non-punitive behavioral intervention through peer-comparison feedback based on driver behavior gathered by in-vehicle Telematics device in public transport taxis and buses operating in Iran.



The study has three stages. Driver performances are monitored for a 4-week period after which they are randomized into intervention and control groups. Their performance is monitored for an 8-week period. At the end of each week, drivers will receive a scorecard and a note informing them of their weekly behavior and ranking within their peer group. In the third phase, the drivers will not receive further feedback and their behavior is monitored for another 4 weeks. 



Success in driver behavior modification through peer-comparison feedback may open a new avenue for improving road traffic safety and reduce RTA related deaths and injuries.


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