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Assessment of Cost and Quality of Care of Diabetes Using Insurance Claims Data)

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Treating non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for a significant portion of the health spending around the world. Prevention, care, and treatment of NCDs requires decision makers to have access to the relevant statistics and data; allowing them to assess the efficacy of current policy and to track the development of complex conditions such as diabetes in the population. The proposed research seeks to provide and evaluate a method of tracking these changes in the diabetic population of Iran using readily available patient data in the form of their medical insurance claims. Tracking the burden of complex conditions, such as diabetes, is traditionally done through population surveys. While vital, these methods inherently cannot provide the up-to-date and on-demand information, and are usually costly, and are impossible to implement for the entire population. The electronic gathering of insurance claims data at large scale is relatively new in Iran. This study is the first of its kind in Iran and, if successful, may introduce an entirely new method of knowledge generation in the field of healthcare in the country.



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