The Sepid is part of ICOD project or Integrative care of diseases which is aimed to enhance health care accessibility and quality while decreasing the total long-term costs in long-term implementing a so-called win-win approach. There has been no health service system with the capability of collecting data at the Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs level, integrating it with patient/physician input documented medical records to build an EHR, analyzing it with automotive guideline based individualized approach, and aids policymakers to reduce both cost and disease prevalence/complications in a long-term window.

This is the first time that a national, guideline-based integrative tool has been proposed in Iran and few similar examples can be found worldwide. Considering absence of EHR in Iran’s as well as many middle eastern countries’ health system, importance of the PROMs, as a minimal validated substitute of EHR and QoC assessment tool, and a possible cornerstone to increasing awareness of general population on NCDs.



Aims of ICOD project can be summarized as:

  1. An agent-based model of the care
  2. Behavioral approaches to health promotion
  3. Prediction and Prevention of diseases
  4. Quality of care assessment
  5. Disease and care specific cost
  6. As the cornerstone of Electronic Health Record



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