Project title: A trial of low-cost, technology-assisted, integrated care delivery program to prevent serious cardiovascular events in disadvantaged populations  

Trial Acronym: SUPPORT-CVD (Seamless User-centred Proactive Provision Of Risk-stratified Treatment for CardioVascular Disease prevention)

Sponsor: University of Oxford

Funders: UK MRC/Wellcome Trust/DFID, Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education


Problem statement

  • Cardiovascular diseases have rapidly become a major cause of premature death and disability in many low and middle-income countries (LMIC), including Iran. The SUPPORT-CVD trial has been specifically designed to address the unmet need for a rigorously developed and adequately powered study to achieve an affordable, integrated and sustainable solution for the long-term management of disadvantaged populations with –or- at risk of common and major cardiovascular diseases.



The overall aim of this RCT is to investigate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an innovative, low-cost and community-based healthcare intervention in reducing the risk of serious cardiovascular events (fatal or non-fatal stroke, or non-fatal myocardial infarction or coronary death) among high-risk individuals in disadvantaged communities.


Executive Summary

 In this study, we will implement the intervention (a polypill containing blood pressure lowering, anti-platelet and cholesterol lowering drugs) in a two-armed large-scale cluster randomised trial of 306 rural health centres (about 450 community health workers, 55,000 patients with complete CVD screening and 30,000 high-risk individuals) and measure its impact on serious cardiovascular events in the high-risk group over the 5-year study period versus the current care in the control arm.


Contact Info

  • Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

    No. 10, Al-e-Ahmad and Chamran Highway intersection, Tehran

    Postcode: 1411713136

  • +9821-88631293
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